Saturday, June 13, 2009

About the books

The wedding guest books can be made in any size up to 10x10in; the most popular size being 8x8in. The covers are made using sturdy bookbinder's board and quality acid-free paper and/or bookcloth. The cover picture can be any size as the window is custom cut. The paper used for the textblock is either Ingres (very soft texture) or Mohawk superfine. Both papers are of high quality and each have their advantages and disadvantages. Ingres paper is soft to the touch, very beautiful, and comes in a variety of colors; however, it is more expensive and a felt pen is required for writing on it. Mohawk superfine comes only in ivory or white, is less expensive, and is good for journaling with any kind of pen. Neither paper is lined which allows for creative placement of pictures of the bride and groom as well as space for longer messages by guests. Books come with a minimum of 10 sections for a total of 160 pages. More sections can be added if desired. Books are sewn in the Coptic style (see examples) using waxed linen thread. You have the choice of one or two thread colors. Contact me for a pricing list at

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